A professionally guided one-to-one session is the most direct way to experience the benefits of Focusing.

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Some of the benefits


Ryan’s method is stress-free, not like talk therapy. There is no manipulation. Nothing is pushed on you. You don’t even need to describe your issues. Yet, it’s very effective.
Koyo U.
Queens, NY

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Common Questions

Sessions are via Zoom or phone. Once you sign up (see the form below), you’ll receive further info about how to join.

You can bring any issue related to your addiction where you’d like find change or healing. 


This includes feeling stuck, discouraged, ashamed, stressed or any kind of emotional distress. Present moment feelings of craving are also good to bring. Finally, any present situation of your life where you’d like to experience forward movement is also good to bring to the session.

At the start of the session, you will share something that you’d like to find change or healing in. (Note: you do not need to share details. I do not analyze or diagnose you. Nor do I offer advice about your situation.) 


I will guide you into the Focusing process. Once there, you can expect to feel deeply understood. New insights often emerge, along with a fresh and surprising sense of how to move forward.


Your concerns and your healing are at the center of the process.

I take your confidentiality very seriously.  The session is 100% private and I do NOT share anything with anyone, ever.


Please also remember that you do NOT need to share details about your situation. Most clients share at a more general level. The Focusing process is effective with or without details. 

There are no fees!

Your one-to-one trial Focusing session is free. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase more.


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