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Hi. My name is Ryan...

For over 25 years, I was addicted to pornography. With a lot of inner work and support from others I managed to stop my acting out.

What I learned in that time, from many wise teachers, was that I had an ability to self-heal. Everyone has this ability. It’s just covered over.

Now I teach people who want to heal themselves. I share the same skills I learned and I provide the same support that I would have wanted back when I was in my addiction.


A method of healing called Focusing is one of the most powerful I’ve found. It breaks things down into simple steps that anyone can follow. And, more importantly, it facilitates a powerful sense of safe presence within the client. In doing so, it creates an environment where genuine personal change is possible.

I started my own Focusing practice in 2009 and later, in 2018, trained for two years to become a professional teacher and guide.

Additionally, I’ve taught all levels of Focusing to small groups and individual clients. I’ve facilitated and led introductory sessions with local groups. I’ve spent over 100 hours guiding private sessions. And, finally, I’ve completed advanced level training in an adjunct modality called Wholebody Focusing.

I am certified to teach and guide by the International Focusing Institute.


 I am certified as a Progressive Recovery Coach by Dr. Michael Pantalon, a psychologist at Yale University with decades of experience.

Addiction Recovery Coach Certification PictureHe certifies coaches through his Center for Progressive Recovery. A Progressive Recovery Coach is a professional coach who helps addicted individuals and/or their loved ones navigate the best possible path through the complicated and often difficult recovery industry. We use an evidence-based approach as much as possible, thereby improving chances for long-term recovery and savings on health care costs. 


I’ve been a lifelong student of wisdom and the spirituality of healing.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, with an emphasis in Religious Studies and a minor in Physical Science, from California State University, Fresno. At the postgraduate level, I studied Ancient Greek for four years, Latin for three years, and spiritual and religious history of the Greco-Roman world for an additional three years.

I’ve studied healing techniques on four continents. My practices included Zen and Vipassana Meditation for six years, Yoga for six years, and Centering Prayer for three years.

While trying to end my addiction, I spent an additional six years in 12-step recovery groups.
Ryan with a peyote medicine woman in Mexico.
Wixarika altar I helped make
Since 2008 I’ve been a student of shamanic healing, including using psychedelic medicines within both indigenous and modern contexts.

One of my greatest honors has been to receive wisdom and healing from several powerful spiritual traditions. Thanks to these, my addiction to pornography ended in 2008.

I'm very grateful now to pass on to my students what I've learned.

More on the personal side...

I'm married, with three kids and we travel A LOT.

We’ve lived in Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and Bali, with a smattering of places in between.

I, and we as a family, love learning from other cultures. My wife and daughters are nearly fluent in Spanish.

I feel more sane within the slower pace of life in many other countries. At the moment we live in Oakhurst, CA.

Beyond that, when I'm not helping with the kids, I hike, climb mountains, and make art when I can.
My family
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