If you want more peace and ease in your recovery, if you're looking for deeper healing, here are some ways I might be able to help with that.

The BEYOND ADDICTION PROGRAM is for people are who want in-depth one-to-one support in their addiction recovery.

The program facilitates a deeper level of support, practice, and guidance. Clients commit to six months of weekly one-to-one sessions, customized skill building, weekly classes, and weekly partner practice.

The program is a fast track, helping people process things that they can't process on their own. It is specifically designed to closely help people shift painfully stuck thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In the program we will work through guilt, shame, triggers, anxieties, and more.

The BEYOND ADDICTION PROGRAM is an intensive program. It's not for everyone. If you believe you might need a deeper level of personal support, it can be the thing that gets you unstuck and moves you to the next level of healing and recovery.
The LASTING CHANGES classes are for people who want to how or to heal their minds and emotions for the long term.

Students who complete the classes become more resilient to painful thoughts and emotions and recovery from adversity faster.

The skills they gain deepen their addiction recovery programs, giving them fresh insights, perspectives, and steps forward.

The methods learned are immediately usable in daily living and act as powerful tools well after the classes end.
ONE-TO-ONE COACHING sessions are for people who would like more in-depth support and guidance for the Focusing process.

The sessions are among the most powerful of available processes for healing your relationship with yourself, gaining relief and clarity about something in your life, or gaining fresh options and next steps forward.

In the sessions you are guided through the Focusing process. You do not need to know anything about Focusing or how to do it. In one session clients typically experience positive benefits. We also work through triggers, stress, anxiety, cravings, and more.

I offer a free one-to-one session for people completely new to Focusing. Click the button below to find out more.

The Focusing skills I teach are powerful and they change lives. I love sharing the encouragement and hope they offer to people in recovery.

I am available to deliver 30-minute talks or multi-day training, in person or via Zoom. I’m happy to discuss your needs for your group. Click the button below to see example topics and how to contact me.

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