You've been getting help for months or maybe years, but you're still struggling

It might be overeating, pornography, screens, drugs, or something else. The specific addiction doesn’t matter. The problem is that you’re not progressing as you expected. You’re either still relapsing, still suffering too much emotionally, or both. Or, it could be that if you’ve been abstinent for some time, it feels unstable, as if you might lose your “sobriety” at any moment.

You’re not sure what else you can do. You’ve been dedicated as best you can to your recovery. You’ve spent quite a lot of time working on yourself.

You want more peace, calm, and ease in your life, but you're stuck

After all the work you’ve done to recover, the same triggers, anxieties, and stresses keep returning. Friends or family continue to upset you more than they should.  Colleagues make you irritable more often than is reasonable.

On top of that, despite all your effort in recovery, you’re still dealing with the same guilt, shame, and harsh inner-critic. Perhaps some of these things have improved, but not as much as you’d like. Some of these things may have even gotten worse! You long for deeper healing.

You've tried just about everything worth trying

You’ve spent time in prayer, meditation, or studying self-help books.  Or maybe you’ve attended support groups, worked with counselors, or committed to a particular recovery program. It’s not that these things are bad or don’t work. They are a necessary part of recovery for many people. The thing is you just haven’t  found as much healing as you’d hoped for. You want your recovery to go deeper. 

The good news is that recovery need not be so hard

It may be difficult to believe, but your recovery can be easier, more enjoyable, and more meaningful.

There will always be setbacks, but they will become fewer and further apart. As you learn to go deeper into healing you will become the kind of person who is able to handle what you cannot handle now: the triggers, stresses, anxieties, and all the unhealed emotional difficulties that now feel overwhelming. You will grow bigger than what's hurting you. You will become the person you've been wanting to become, which is a goal of your recovery and of life.

You can learn missing inner skills that will move you forward faster

There are certain powerful skills and practices that you can learn. If you make them a part of your recovery, you are highly likely to get unstuck and move forward in your healing. They will not only shift your addiction for the better but also much of the underlying trauma that drives your suffering.

Best of all, you will experience in daily life that these changes are happening. You will know for yourself, in a real way, that you are healing.

And because of that, you'll begin to know with confidence what really helps you in recovery and what doesn't. You won't need to blindly follow what some "expert" tells you. You will be confident in yourself about what helps you and what doesn't. You'll be able to choose to keep the practices that are working, or jettison the practices that don't. This is part of healing and growing, knowing from inside yourself where your life needs to go and how exactly to feel more calm, joy, contentment, and meaning.

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